The best traditional Japanese foods and dishes that are a must-try

traditional Japanese cuisine

Are you someone who loves food tours? If you are one such person, do never miss to explore traditional Japanese food. The Japanese plates are extraordinary and do not just provide you the explicit taste but also good health. Each cuisine is recognized for its uniqueness. Similarly, there are so many Japanese dishes that are a must-try. So, don’t waste your time and please continue reading to find a few amazing dishes.

The famous Japanese sushi

Sushi is one of the traditional Japanese foods and dishes to try. It is made up of rice and can be tested by various types. Some restaurants provide sushi on a conveyer belt from which you can select your favorite. While in other places, the sushi is prepared in front of your eyes. The sushi goes best with a dip of soy sauce, raw fish, and wasabi. Wasabi is a kind of edible weed that is too dry. They are softened using hot water. Dip the sushi in soy sauce and relish.

Traditional sashimi

When you are searching for another dish in traditional Japanese cuisine, then sashimi can be the best option. Unlike sushi, sashimi is made up of raw fresh fish and is sliced into pieces that are easy to eat. They go well with soy sauce and wasabi for spiciness. Sashimi can be made out of salmon, mackerel, and also sea breams. Some people who do not like wasabi try sashimi along with soy sauce and ginger. This food contains lots of protein.

traditional sashimi

The other mouth-watering dishes

There are so many other dishes that have to be tried in Japanese cuisine, and a few have been listed below:

  • Unagi which is grilled Eel which is good for digestion
  • Tempura is a fry that contains seafood, meat, and vegetables
  • Soba, also called buck weed noodles and udon which is wheat noodles
  • Onigiri rice balls
  • Yakitori
  • Sukiyaki