About Roku


nikumakiIn the tradition of Japanese izakaya—sake shops with tapas-style menus

—Izakaya Roku serves an extensive menu of small plates. Recommended by The New York Times, the menu opens with simple snacks such as edamame, before introducing seared fish and several kinds of Carpaccio. There’s tempura and ramen, of course, but also stews with everything from pork belly to sake-steamed clams.

The traditional izakaya in Japan is a cozy, neighborly place, and Izakaya Roku would fit right in among them, with its sleek and manly Japanese feel to the room. “Now, this is an izakaya,” said the San Francisco Chronicle’s Janny Hu, praising the restaurant’s authenticity and dedication to the true form of its namesake. Hu advised guests to “order up and just enjoy what comes to the table.” Izakaya Roku offers the same dishes as their enormously popular JapaCurry food truck, voted one of the 101 Best Food Trucks in America in 2014.